"I dedicate this blog to all interested people worldwide –
to all lovers of beauty in music, art, nature, spiritual life and to my friends everywhere.
I hope you enjoy it! Thank you for your visit and come back as soon as you feel to do it".

Life is Music – Life is Art – Music is Life.
Let us all celebrate it...in oneness, love and peace!
...stay connected. Thank you so much and heartily.

Creating soundscapes – passion and work at the same time...

I simply love it to create my own textures and patterns of sound and then compose mixes of ethereal, flowing soundscapes. I' m getting inspiration from everywhere and everything in my all day life; from nature, from a picture, from music and from other musicians. We now have the chance to get connected and inspired through the web. I will contribute to it with this site.

My Music on ReverbNation.com


The soundworlds of Steve Roach

Shanti Mantra Reprise

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rock - by Diatonis

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